Contribution to visualization and veb development

Contribution to visualization and web development



WEDODATA is a data visualization agency based in Paris specialized in print infographics, web and mobile applications with a strong data input. At WEDODATA, journalists, graphic designers and web developers work as a team to deliver the most creative and accurate visualizations to their clients such as OECD, FranceTV, Radio France or French WIPO branch. WEDODATA assisted the Carbon Atlas team in the design (conception and development) of the Outreach and Emissions applications.

  • Karen Bastien : Director
  • Brice Terdjman : Responsible of Outreach application
  • Vincent Le Jeune : Development of Emission application
  • Anthony Vessière : Development of Emission application

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ClimMod Engineering

CLIMMOD is a scientific engineering company involved in the field of numerical modeling and simulation for climate and environment. The team consists of engineers with extensive research experience in the development and validation of scientific software. CLIMMOD was responsible for development and integration of the web platform for the Global Carbon Atlas.

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